Dead Space 3 Pc Crack + License Cd Key Free Download 2022

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Dead Space 3 Pc Crack + License Cd Key Free Download 2022

Dead Space 3 Pc Crack is a third-person shooting game developed by Visceral Games. It is the third in the series of ” Dead Space ” and was released in February 2013. This series is good at creating an excellent atmosphere and plot to bring players deep fear in outer space. This game supports a two-player cooperative play, in which players see John Cavall and the series actor Isaac Clark fighting side by side on the frozen planet, and face the strange world and new kinds of enemies, bringing more than The thrilling experience of the previous game.

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Dead Space 3 Pc Crack ranges from the previous confined space exploration, providing unique challenges to explore the new planetary environment with harsh climate and terrain. The cooperation mode has some more cutscenes and interactive links than the stand-alone mode. At the same time, the developer introduced a cover system for the series, and players can share the ammunition found.

Background setting

This is a landing on the PC platform. The story is about falling on the hostile planet Tau Volantis. The protagonist Isaac Clark discovered that this planet might be the key to ending the scourge of the Necromorph. In his desperate search for answers, Isaac must face the challenges of zero-gravity, cold environments, and highly evolved deadly enemies, including brand-new necrotic variants, huge leader creatures, and even mad humans who went astray.

Fortunately, Isaac is not alone. With a seamlessly integrated instant-on-off cooperative system, players can choose to partner with friends at any time in the game. Players who decide to hunt down the roots of fear side by side will be able to experience additional storylines and content that can only be played by the cooperating character Earthgov Sergeant John Cavall. The game will bring far more fear and action experience than in the past. From unfathomable space to claustrophobic indoor passages and harsh new planets that can explore the environment, they will bring new challenges to players.

Game story

After the Titan Space Station incident, Isaac suffered from being under the influence of Marker. In the end, I chose to forget and give up, and Ellie hopes to end all of this fundamentally and disagrees with Isaac’s opinion.

  • Jacob Danik used the pretext of research on the earth’s government to defile Marker and launched the first battle to overthrow the earth’s government—the massacre of the New Horizons Lunar Colony.
  • Isaac did n’t realize that the purpose of the aggression was related to himself when he was looking at the attack in his apartment. When Isaac also sees that they have broken feelings, Meanwhile, government forces affiliated with the Earth, John Carver (John Cavour) and combatant commanders Robert Norton (Robert Norton) has entered his apartment. After telling Isaac about the cause, Isaac decided to cooperate with the Earth government.
  • When they arrived at the frozen planet “Tafrantis” and learned that the earth was suspected of Marker’s hometown, they conducted in-depth research and investigation to realize that the sovereign colony at that time had already understood that everything was false One of Marker’s victims.
  • Because Robert Norton was too concerned about his new girlfriend, he promised to “cooperate” with Danick and let their spaceship follow Isaac and his party to the frozen planet through the impact point tunnel. Afterward, Robert’s whereabouts were exposed and shot by Isaac.
  • After reaching Rosetta, the truth of the matter gradually surfaced. Robert is right. Marker activates and connects their information network through aggregation, and for the reason of complete gathering, Marker of the planet “Tafrantis” and its aggregated Nec. Are integrated into one. To prevent the activated Marker from connecting to the entire brother network, the remaining surviving aliens took the method of sacrificing the whole race to freeze the whole planet. The substantial frozen Nec. Surrounds the earth like a satellite.
  • After the construction of the “Code,” the people of Dannick captured the entire institute. The “Code” was taken away, but Ellie was trapped in a gas-filled research institute. Isaac took the mortal heart to regain the seal and hoped to use this to defeat the whole planet Nec. At the same time, Ai Li came out through the ventilation duct and was captured by Dannick. In desperation, Isaac went to the top of the alien ruins and exchanged with Danick.
  • The ancient machine was shut down and recovered by the frozen HiveMine. It took the opportunity to wake up with other brothers and connect to the entire Marker satellite network.
  • Isaac successfully restarted the machine and fell into the frozen planet with Carver. Allie returned to the devastated earth alone …


Isaac’s styling in ” Dead Space 3″ will make old players who have played 2 generations feel particularly familiar, inheriting the slender and angular RIG style in the previous game, and its partner in doubles mode will also be similar The appearance of the appearance.

Dead Space 3 Pc Crack + License Cd Key Free Download 2022

In addition to the subtle changes in shape, Isaac learned a new action in the sequel squat, this action allows Isaac to hide behind a smaller bunker. Besides, Isaac can also roll around this time to avoid enemy attacks. In general, players will feel that he is more flexible than the previous two games.
In the sequel, the superpower of fetching objects from the sky has evolved. This time, players can not only lift objects but also rotate them arbitrarily, which means that there will be more rich elements of puzzle-solving in the game.

Besides, Isaac will also appear in ” Dead Space 3“, this time he will also struggle with his unstable mind and witness more terrifying hallucinations.

Old and new enemies

Dead Space 3 Pc Crack Download Isaac will encounter many of the classic monsters and some of their variants in the previous work, such as the thin and extended version of the “Pack” that looks like a child in the 2nd generation, and is similar to Necromorphs This extremely disgusting and distressing monster is also indispensable.

It is particularly worth mentioning that in Dead Space 3 Pc License Key Isaac will face enemies other than monsters for the first time he will fight ordinary humans, including soldiers wearing heavy armor and armor. Of course, these soldiers will also be infected, and will also become a terrible monster like Necromorphs.
Although many levels of the game were replaced by empty icefields this time, there are still many blind spots in the area separated by the vast wall, so that the enemy can again attack Isaac from different angles, and there will be one that can hit the player. The trap of death must exist.

According to the insider emperor of IGN, there is a very spectacular BOSS battle in the icefield scene. Isaac will face a giant spider-like multi-legged monster. There will be an orange weakness in his body that can be attacked, but he ca n’t go too close, Otherwise, it will be swallowed by the monster. As a result, Isaac could only go back and forth in the field, keeping his distance while attacking. Monsters will get into the hole after being hurt to a certain degree so that players may encounter it repeatedly in the game.
As in the previous game, there will be a giant monster-like skyscraper in Dead Space 3 Pc Cd Key. In one of the scenes, Isaac will see a substantial worm-shaped monster appear across the cliff in the distance.
Configuration requirements

Game features

“Dead Space 3” has a new gameplay support doubles cooperation mode

  • The rumors about Dead Space 3 Pc Free Download are still limited to conjecture on the stand-alone battle plot. For example, the scene is transferred from the space ghost ship to the frozen planet, and the ghost Isaac will also appear on the horse. The latest news shows that this science fiction. The horror masterpiece supports doubles.
  • IGN reported that reliable channel news revealed to them that EA’s ” Dead Space 3″ will support the doubles cooperation mode of rapid joining / leaving. As long as the player is willing, Isaac can fight side by side with a mysterious scarface character. His true identity is unknown, but the profession is an engineer like the protagonist and the blood-red eyes are hidden in the helmet sparkle …
  • After the game was officially released, the identity of this “red-eye” was apparent. Cavall is not an engineer, but a soldier of the Earth government. The earliest belonged to Norton, and after the battle, he became a comrade with Isaac.
  • If the player chooses to play singles, the mysterious Scarface character will play Isaac’s guide in campaign mode. Besides, IGN sources also revealed that the stage of the game is a Dead Space 3
    Most of the scenes of desolate planets isolated in the world are concentrated in an unknown mysterious facility, which is consistent with the rumored content.
  • In addition to the plot and background settings, the core system of “Dead Space 3” may also undergo significant changes. If the source of the IGN proves to be accurate, then these changes may involve four aspects. Below we will come together.

Doubles mode

  • The doubles mode of ” Dead Space 3″ will be a mirror of the stand-alone plot mode, but the protagonist, Isaac’s plot, will be adjusted accordingly. For example, when the doubles mode reaches a particular stage, there is a scene where Isaac and his partner are all scarred from the spaceship wreck, but in single-player mode, this shot is only Isaac himself.
  • Also, because Isaac has been plagued by psychological disorders and visual and auditory hallucinations, there will be many plots of his trauma in single-player mode. Still, in doubles mode, these specific plots will not Will reappear.
  • In the doubles mode, the game’s gameplay will also change, adding a lot of institutions and puzzles that require cooperation to pass, such as fetching objects to interact with nearby scenes.
  • However, in the doubles mode, the two players must share ammunition and even life. You can heal your partner, but you cannot resurrect him, which means that when one of them falls, the two will return to the record point and start over.

Equipment upgrade

Dead Space 3″ weapons might be a lot of changes, perhaps with the first two players to upgrade weapons and firepower, speed, and loading capacity magazine table changes related.
For example, the default horizontal launch mode of the ion cutting gun (Plasma Cutter) in the first two works will become “vertical.” Although it is unclear what it is, it is no longer in the first two Everyone is familiar with that kind of weapon, and it will also have the recoil of a gravity gun in alt-fire mode.

Post-clearance mode

  • New game + way (start the game under the previous save)
  • Classic style (the monster will be ferocious, the protagonist moves slowly, and the weapon cannot be modified)
  • Pure survival mode (you can’t pick up ammunition, upgrade chips, weapon parts, can only be manufactured through resources)
  • Core mode (same as the core model of the previous game, it is more complicated. Note: There is only one life, you can’t die! Otherwise, start again!)

Equipment upgrade

  • The Pulse Rifle in the previous game will add bayonet as a secondary weapon in “Dead Space 3”. It is not clear how many kinds of weapons with additional parts like this, but it may mean that the guns in the new work. There are more customized options, allowing players to make more personalized equipment.
  • In “Dead Space 3”, there are more than five kinds of armor different from the previous two.
    Weapon system
  • Many new elements have been added to “Dead Space 3”, such as multiple clearance paths, brand further weapon customization, and so on. According to Steve Papoutsis, the game’s producer, most of these new features are based on player feedback on previous games.
  • Papoutsis explained: “In today’s era, with the help of various forms of media, we can quickly get feedback from players, so we need to use these tools to ask ourselves, ‘How can we do better?’ In Space 2, I think what we can do better is to make the way of customs clearance more diverse. At the end of the game, it looks very blunt. If we add a little more diversity to it, I believe the effect will be much better. “

The weapons of Dead Space 3 are also “focused on”

This new weapon system in the original work is also from the player’s suggestions. “We want to find a way for players to have more fun with weapons. For a long time, everyone is accustomed to getting a new gun and then upgrading the routine. Everyone is concerned about those kinds of arms, and the development team., The various types of weapons designed, are shelved. We have observed the way and choices of players play the game and listened to the opinions of observers and players. Although the game’s custom weapon system cannot be disclosed too much, I want to emphasize, What’s more; we want players to have a variety of choices when playing. ”

This work is somewhat similar to the previous plot, but the level design is more open. “In the” Dead Space 1 & 2 “, the plot is very linear, so in the third part, we hope to open the plot, add more content (side task), and more props.” In the end, although the third generation is The most significant change in the series, Papoutsis said: “We just want to accomplish what we should accomplish. We enjoy this feeling, and we will continue to persevere and continue to push ourselves forward.

Horror upgrade

Dead Space 3″ will add a sound control system, players can use the voice to command the character while holding the handle in the game. In the cooperative mode, players can also use simple voice commands to complete the action of passing ammunition to teammates, and can also shout to make trouble, and then look at each other’s expressions. Besides, if the player is frightened, screams, or swears in the game, the character will take corresponding actions.

“Dead Space 3” will also add “Dementia.” In “Dead Space 3”, players will control the two protagonists of Isaac and Carver, respectively. Under certain circumstances, Isaac and Carver will see different things because one of them may have hallucinations. These Certain areas are inaccessible in single-player mode.

Related instructions

  • At the financial report interpretation meeting, EA announced that it would develop new games, including FIFA, Sim City, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, and Bejeweled in addition to the above, “Dead Space 3” is also on the development list.
  • In an email to Game Informer later, EA added: “No more news is announced, for the time being, you can follow this year’s E3 game show when EA will have a lot of heavy news to announce.”
    “Dead Space 3” won the top 10 runner-ups in the US game pre-sales list for two consecutive weeks. The Xbox 360 version of Dead Space 3 sits firmly on the championship, while the PS3 version dominates the runner-up position.

Minimum Configuration: Requirements:

  • System: Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher
  • Architecture: x64
  • DirectX: DirectX 12 API, hardware function level 11
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video memory: 2 GB
  • Processor: Intel i5 3470 | AMD FX-6300
  • Graphics: Geforce 750 Ti | Radeon R7 260X
  • Note: Windows 10 version 14393.222 or higher is recommended; X64 is required; Intel i5 3470 | AMD FX-6300; Geforce 750 Ti | Radeon R7 260X

Recommended configuration:

  • System: Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher
  • Architecture: x64
  • DirectX: DirectX 12 API, hardware function level 11
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video memory: 4 GB
  • Processor: Intel i5 4690 | AMD FX-8350
  • Graphics: Geforce 970 or Geforce 1060 | Radeon R9 290X or Radeon RX 480
  • Note: Windows 10 version 14393.222 or higher is recommended; X64 required; Intel i5 4690 | AMD FX-8350; Geforce 970 or Geforce 1060 | Radeon R9 290X or Radeon RX 480

Dead Space 3 Pc Key


Dead Space 3 Pc License Cd Key


Dead Space 3 Pc Cd Key


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