L.A. Noire Complete Edition PC Crack + License Key Cd Key Download

L.A. Noire Complete Edition PC Crack + License Key Cd Key Download

L.A. Noire Complete Edition PC Crack is an action-adventure game produced and released by Rockstar Games. The game is set in the American city of Los Angeles in the second half of 1940. Players will play the protagonist who has just been demobilized from the World War II military career Cole Phelps (Cole Phelps), entered the Los Angeles City Police as criminal police, rushed to various crime scenes, to solve the countless crimes in the prosperous city of Los Angeles.

L.A. Noire Complete Edition PC Crack + License Key Cd Key Download

The PC version of L.A. Noire PC Cd Key will be transplanted by Rockstar Leeds, with customized features such as the redefinition of keyboard keys and handle functions, to optimize and customize the execution performance and player experience. In addition to enhancing the fidelity and improving the picture quality, the PC version of L.A. Noire Complete Edition PC License Key will also support the 3D stereo display function, allowing players to get a more realistic interactive experience.

L.A. Noire Complete Edition PC Cd Key Full Crack Free Download

L.A. Noire Complete Edition PC Crack Download is a crime thriller game based in Los Angeles after World War II. Players who play Detective Cole Phelps must find clues, interrogate suspects, arrest criminals, and solve a series of cases based on real events. As Phelps progresses in the Los Angeles Police Department, he will face the dark side of corruption in Los Angeles: whether it is a fallen female star, a police officer with a guilty conscience, or a vast underground world of crime. Finally, he will face his demons.
Rockstar Games stated that “Black Rock City” is a new type of game. Players can experience Los Angeles in the 1940s through the eyes of the detective. The game has adopted a unique and innovative approach, combining wonderful stories and thrilling action scenes. , And the suspense handling case, is quite suitable for launching on the PC platform.

System introduction

Intuitive points

The function removes a wrong answer during the interrogation and finds the remaining clues at the crime scene. Use SocialClub to ask questions: find landmarks, answer questions correctly, and so on. Activities in the game can increase IP points. The more IP points you usually get, you can eliminate one of the three options at the critical moment.

Interrogation process

Interrogating suspects first ask questions captures them through the other party’s movements, and continuously compares the inquiry to find evidence or contradictions to break through the lies that may exist. Judging whether it is true or not is not difficult. The main problem is how to corroborate your judgment. The more evidence in hand before the trial, the more active the interrogation process

Agent interaction

Through the suspect’s reaction, Phelps can choose to believe, doubt, or throw the evidence in his hand directly at the table to warn the cooperation. Success can be close to the truth. If you fail, you may lose an important clue.

Police Rank System

Wrong inquiries will make Phelps official road slim; on the contrary, Phelps will become a brother in the LAPD. The Loire does not believe in failure; justice will finally shine. If Phelps makes mistakes repeatedly, the case will only become tortuous and require more effort.

Features of the black Los Angeles game:

” Black Los Angeles ” correctly restored the city of Los Angeles in the United States in 1940, but you can’t play this game like “GTA” because this is not an open world where criminals are rampant. You can’t just kill and steal. You are a policeman, a kind policeman who is committed to maintaining public order in Los Angeles in the 1940s. However, you can still see various car chases, gun battles, etc.. Still, the pace is slower because the focus of the game is not on action, but your increasingly sophisticated detection capabilities.

The biggest highlight of L.A. Noire PC Download is the use of the MotionScan technology, which is said to be very bullish Seeing the details of the throat that the suspect swallowed when he was nervous, such rich expression details have rarely been seen in other games, and these are not just displayed!! The investigation in the game relies not only on obscure text but on various facial expressions and body language of different characters. That is to say; you must know the words and look before you can handle the case. This feature makes the various interrogation stages in the game more exciting and vivid than the simple text dialogue of ordinary RPG.

A challenging and utterly open investigation process:

You are playing as a detective, so you cannot play the game with the player’s thinking. In fact, from this point, “Black Los Angeles” is full of challenges. You must always pay attention to the expressions of witnesses to judge whether they are telling the truth, and the definition of “lie” and “doubt” in the game is vague. In this way, many cases will become wrong, false and wrong.

After each question, you must judge what you say. You must choose to believe him or question him, or simply accuse him of lying. If you want the right one, you will get more clues. If you choose the wrong one, you will fall short. The worse your performance, the farther you are from the truth. But players can rest assured that the world of ” Black Rock ” is very open and does not force you to find the real truth. In reality, you can’t always find all the truth. The only Game Over condition is that you hang up, or the suspect runs away.

L.A. Noire Complete Edition is not a linear detective game. This is still an open-world; you can choose the case according to your wishes, and explore in the reconstructed Los Angeles in 1947. The most exciting thing in the game is that after you have completed 4, 5 cases, you suddenly find that these cases have one thing in common, and this common point allows you to find a more sinister behind-the-scenes hand. Nevertheless, there are only 21 cases in “Black Los Angeles“, and most cases can be completed in just over an hour, and the routines of these cases are inevitably repeated.

In addition to the essential elements of the game, the details of “Black Los Angeles” can be said to be a perfect game. Whether it is a character’s expression or a character’s dubbing, it will give you a sense of substitution. You will unknowingly integrate into the game as if you were a detective.

Operating System:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Graphics card
  • storage
  • WinXP / 2003 / Vista / 7
  • Intel Core i3
  • 3GB
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT240 / ATI HD4350
  • 16G

Minimum configuration

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
  • Intel Core2 Duo E4500
  • 2GB
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / Radeon HD 3000
  • 16G

Resource description

  • The full version integrates the following DLCs:
  • The Broderick Detective Suit
  • The Sharpshooter Detective Suit
  • The Badge Pursuit Challenge & Button Man Suit
  • “The Naked City” Vice Case
  • “A Slip Of The Tongue” Traffic Case
  • “Nicholson Electroplating” Arson Case
  • “Reefer Madness” Vice Case
  • “The Consul’s Car” Traffic Case

L.A. Noire Complete Edition PC License Cd Key


L.A. Noire Complete Edition PC Cd Key


L.A. Noire Complete Edition PC Serial CD Key


Installation Information

  • 1. Unzip
  • 2. Load the image
  • 3. Install the game
  • 4. Copy the unencrypted patch in the PROPHET folder to the game directory to overwrite
  • 5. Prohibit LANPatcher.exe networking in the firewall (play rules, inbound rules)
  • 6. Run the game

How to install & Crack?

  • First, fo download the L.A. Noire Complete Edition PC
  • After Download you can install it and Run Program
  • open crack file
  • copy cd key and past to register
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