PC Building Simulator PC Crack + Serial CD Key Free Download 2022

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PC Building Simulator PC Crack + Serial CD Key 2022

PC Building Simulator PC + Serial CD Key Free Download 2022

PC Building Simulator PC Crack is a game software produced by The Irregular Corporation that simulates the assembly of personal computers. Players can freely assemble accessories such as chassis, CPU, heat sink, graphics card, etc., and also consider the heat dissipation of the frame. For reality For players who want to configure a computer, they can do a simulation.

Game introduction:

PC Building Simulator PC CD Key is a simulation game produced and published by McINTYRE that can simulate a real PC. The various components inside can be disassembled and installed, just like assembling a PC in reality. The beginning of the game will give you an empty shell case, and then open the menu; you can choose the parts you want to install. The whole process of assembly requires the player to do it yourself. If you click the wrong position, it will not be installed at all. It can be said that the whole process is to teach the player how to assemble.

Game Features

  • Real manufacturers, Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, MSI, etc. are all official partners
  • Here you can match your most wanted chassis and luminous fan
  • Not only is the installation simulator, but you can also use the installation as your profession, to become a tycoon
  • You can also learn the most basic installation technology in the game, and lay the foundation for assembling the computer in the future.
  • Even if you have never been exposed to computer assembly, you can fully understand the structure of the computer through this work

Game content

Build your computer empire, starting with the most uncomplicated diagnosis and repair, all the way to the high-end computer assembly that all Zanji fans dream of.

The game includes a growing marketplace, giving a variety of accessories. Players may visit the market to buy accessories, build the computer of the fantasies, then begin analyzing points! The first beta version of the “PC Building Simulator” has been downloaded over 650,000 occasions, and it has turned into an old simulation game that enables players to build their personal computers.

PC Building Simulator PC + Serial CD Key Free Download 2020

Game Features

Start a company and make a lot of money

  • In the professional mode of “PC Building Simulator”, you are responsible for taking care of your installation and repair shop, starting from your small workshop, using your technical skills to complete various tasks, and finally becoming a computer tycoon.
  • Customers will entrust you with a variety of tasks, from simple upgrades and repairs, to complete installation; you need to consider your balance of payments to ensure that you continue to make profits!
  • Assemble the computer of your dreams
  • PC Building Simulator CD Key Free 2021 allows players to use a large number of genuine, authorized accessories provided by real-world suppliers.
  • Without budget constraints, what ultimate computer can you assemble?
  • Assemble your computer in the case with your favorite parts, make it truly stand out by choosing your favorite LED and cable colors, and at the same time, show your saver style. Pick from a selection of air-cooled and water-cooled options to maintain your computer clean, or perhaps use a completely personalized water-cooled loop! After the setup is done, start the computer and find out how it runs. Not pleased with the outcome? Enter the BIOS port, begin overclocking, and attempt to find out whether you can get results! Can you believe building a computer is a hopeless job?
  • “PC Building Simulator” aims to introduce the novice computer to the assembly process through step-by-step instructions, explain the installation sequence, and provide practical information about each accessory and its function.

3D Mark running points

  • The formula for calculating the score
  • Score = 1 / ((0.85 / “score GPU”) + (0.15 / “score CPU”))
  • This is the running score formula. Of course, the running score is the running score, not the score of the graphics card and CPU. So this is useless; we still like to see the final result.
  • Affect the running score: CPU, graphics card, memory

Overclocking Method

Since the act of stealing the beam and replacing the column was officially blocked, overclocking has become a weapon for profiteers. For this part of the players, overclocking is to increase the point parameters appropriately, and the running points can be met without the blue screen. But for elderly players like me, the game library is full of simulation games ranging from Ocamika farm tires to hunter building repair cars, and naturally doesn’t care much about the increase in the number of virtual accounts. For this game, compared to the endless running task of career mode, it is my interest to build a machine that conforms to my aesthetic in a freeway, so exploring the limit score of this game is an important part.

  • Blue Screen Solution
  • First, we choose the installation interface below the game
  • Then we select thermal paste in the inventory; the thermal paste is in the toolbar
  • What about the blue screen of the installed simulator? Next, we apply thermal paste to the CPU. Generally, the blue screen is caused by the CPU overheating, and the fan cannot dissipate the heat. We must first check the CPU.
  • Then we install the high-power fan on the computer and connect the power supply.
  • When we turn it on again, you will find that it can be operated normally.

Recommended by Modifier

Although “Installation Simulator” is to allow players to understand the basic knowledge of installation fully, but buying a budget for accessories in the game requires budget money. At this time, with the help of a modifier, players can start installing the machine with impunity. The net brings a wave of recommendations for game modifiers.

Configuration requirements

Minimum configuration:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Core i3 3.1 GHz or AMD Phenom II X3 2.8 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 or Radeon HD6870 with 2GB VRAM
  • DirectX version: 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible

PC Building Simulator PC 2021 License Cd Key


PC Building Simulator PC Key


PC Building Simulator PC Serial CD Key


Installation Information

  • 1. Unzip
  • 2. Load the image
  • 3. Install the PC Building Simulator
  • 4. Copy the unencrypted patch in the PROPHET folder to the game directory to overwrite
  • 6. Run the game

How to Install & Crack?

  • First, fo you download The PC Building Simulator Crack
  • After Download you can install it and Run Game
  • open crack file
  • copy cd key and past to register
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